What is SEO? How does it work?

What  is SEO?

Let us explore and understand the concepts of SEO in detail. 

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, which is a practice of increasing and improving website traffic through organic search engines. In simpler terms, if you have a website and want people to visit and do business with you. Your website needs to be visible on the search results page.

SEO increases the website traffic and provides niche-specific visitors to a website through an organic(non-paid) search engine.

How do search engines work?

There are many search engines out there like Bing, Yahoo, and Yandex, but 90% of the searches come from Google. The search engines source the web to find pages and index them in their catalogue. It is very similar to books; at the end of every book, you find an index where it gives information along with the location.

That is pretty much Google and its indexing system in the web and cloud.

So, let us take a look at the example.

The above image displays a search engine result page with results. On top of the initial search, we find the Ads displayed. Moving further, it displays a knowledge graph. The Knowledge graph pulls the best search result from the website, which Google thinks is answered well (after passing several Google algorithms).  Google displays a short definition of the query in the knowledge box along with the website link. These websites are presented again in organic search results below.

Moving further down, Google SERP (Search Engine Result Page) displays organic search results. The SERP typically shows about ten organic results per page. The websites which are ranked on the first page have optimized the content in a way that Google likes best. 

“ People also ask”

Google added this section because less than 10% of the people will go to the next page to search for their queries. Many people will adjust the search criteria and search again with a different term.

Why is it important to make sure your website is first on Google? How does Google determine who should go on the first page?

According to various sources, the top three organic search results get about 70% of clicks. This means your website will generate high-quality leads and visitors if your website is on the first page. Google implements several algorithms to index a page on the first page of SERP.

Some of the most significant factors that Google determines are:

Relevancy:  You need to make sure your website provides relevant information for the researchers who are searching. Do you remember the topics you searched recently?  How long did you stay on a page? 

Most people will click back and lookout for a different answer. We need to retain visitors to the website by providing meaningful and valuable information that is easier for users to understand.

There are two main ways that you can work on the SEO of a website.

  1. On-site SEO
  2. Off-site SEO


On-site SEO is also known as On-page SEO. On-page SEO optimizes the website content. On-page SEO is easier to do. Some of the onsite ranking factors are:

  • Keywords: Keywords are the search terms that can be incorporated into your website to rank in search engines.
  • Title tags: The title of all the pages should be optimized with keywords so that we can get relevant traffic to our website.
  • Heading: The content of the websites must be optimized with appropriate headings. 
  • URL Structure: The websites should contain a structured URL. The structure of the URL and the words they contain have a severe influence on the SEO of the webpage.
  • Meta description: Meta descriptions are the small details that are below the title.
  • Page load speed: Ideally, the average load time of the website must be less than 3 seconds. If your website takes a long time to load, there will be a higher possibility of losing potential visitors to your site.
  • Alt-Text: Alt text is used for the optimization of every visual on your site.


Off-page SEO is the action taken outside the website to improve its position in search rankings. The quality of the content should be excellent so that people start giving backlinks to the site.
SEO consultants will generally create high-quality content and optimize it with keywords. Then start building backlinks to get higher traffic to the website.

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